Mailbox Installations in New Auburn, WI 

For complete mailbox repair and installation services, turn to the US Post® based in New Auburn, WI. By hiring us, you can have your letterboxes put in or fixed properly. We'll do what it takes to complete your job in a timely many so that you can begin using your commercial and residential mailboxes as soon as possible.

Putting in New and Replacement mailboxes

Give your home or business curb appeal. With over 28 years of industry experience, we have the ability to put in stylish new and replacement mailboxes for you. It doesn't matter if you need a product that is made of metal, cedar, or plastic to be installed; we have you covered. We can put in basic mailboxes made out of durable materials.

In addition to traditional mailboxes, we also have the skills to put in secure mail delivery systems. We have the tools to install everything from curbside to wall-mount lockable letterboxes. Additionally, we offer installation services for lockable cluster boxes. These products are perfect for business, condominium, and townhome builders and owners to have installed.

Tinzenbricker Brick Mailbox Solutions

The Tinzenbricker Mailbox Solution offers services to replace your standard size, rural mailbox in your choice of three colors starting at just $99.95. Other services with Tinzenbricker include installation of address numbers and postal flags on brick surfaces, tuckpoint concrete joints, custom-sized mailbox replacement, and removal/disposal of existing brick mailbox units. For a free estimate, call or email us.

Reliable Mailbox Installations in New Auburn, WI Postbox Repair in New Auburn, WI

Detailed Mailbox Installations

Say goodbye to your existing mailbox and replace it with a sturdy structure that makes your home more appealing. Although many believe that email has superseded the traditional postal letter, our mailboxes are even more critical than ever before. The Postal Service carries more than just letters, and your existing box has seen better days. 

Protect your family from identify theft and secure any personal information that comes through an envelope with targeted mailbox repair. We have seen a number of changes during our time in this industry, and we have adapted to those changes to help our clients achieve their own goals. Our team is capable of repairing both brick and plastic mailboxes. Even if you are happy with the level of security afforded by your existing mailbox, our team is ready to transform your simple box into an asset.

We offer a full suite of products and a broad array of options that homeowners appreciate. Commercial clients have come to depend on our security solutions for multifamily dwellings and other retail locations. Security and style go hand in hand with every product we install. When a door breaks or a car collides with your existing box, find a mailbox replacement that fits your overall design theme.

Contact us today for mailbox installations that improve the appeal of your entire home. We proudly serve customers in New Auburn, Wisconsin, as well as the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana.